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Test Case Management System


What is TCMS ?

Test Case Management System (TCMS) is a collaboration, management and analytical tool designed to optimize work of QA groups. Depending upon the level of integration with your automated test environment, TCMS can cut over 50% the time required to complete a series of tests and analyze the results. Consequently, you may achieve 2, 3 and even 4 times group performance improvement per each new release or version because you will definitely run your tests many, many times before new version is released.
TCMS targets two major areas where employee time can be efficiently utilized. First, is the preparation stage when QA engineer has to determine what set of test cases he/she has to run, locate all the scripts, locate all additional notes and memos. Second, is the after-test stage when QA engineer must analyze the results, compare to what is expected and document any errors. This second phase can greatly improve productivity when your test scripts generate "feedback" that is loaded back to TCMS.

The system provides:

  • Centralized storage facility for Test Cases, Test Results, related information, documentation and notes;
  • Uniform and easy access via web interface;
  • Complete search capabilities;
  • History - keeps an audit trail of all important activities, changes, and assignments;

The system allows you to:

  • Organize and categorize your Test Cases by Product, Component, Test Type, Test Component and Test subComponent;
  • Define what Test Cases should be included in each Test Plan;
  • Assign Test Cases to individuals with respect to Version and Priority;
  • Create new and effectively manage existing test cases utilizing "bulk operations" feature;
  • Enter test results, either, manually or via file upload;
  • Instantaneously get status for any completed test, or product, or specific version and build;
  • Track Test Case execution times, total run time, and estimate workload;
  • Build, save, and share Query Templates for repeatedly used queries;
  • Collaborate and share with Development team;

Other Features:

  • User-friendly GUI interface with "Navigator" and "Home" page provides various views on your Test Cases and allows instant one-click access to all major functions.
  • Ability to "clone" test cases and perform bulk updates and assignments saves you a lot of time.
  • Unlimited file attachments. Enhanced file download mechanism prevents unauthorized download of attachments and execution of potentially harmful scripts uploaded onto the server.
  • "Linked menus" feature establishes a relation between Test Components and Test subComponents menu items greatly improving user experience during interaction with the system.

What GenieTCMS does not do?

TCMS does not run your test cases. This is not the purpose of this software. TCMS is only collaboration, management and analytical/reporting tool. To achieve maximum benefits from implementation of this software you should develop an automated test environment system using any scripting language appropriate for the task and you feel comfortable with. TCL, Unix/Linux Bourne Shell, Cygwin, PHP, Java, Perl are good candidates. When you select your scripting language consider whether it is capable of executing external binary files; allows you to run scripts manually from command prompt, in a batch, using scheduler; run it on remote computers (supports rsh, ssh); supports standard input and output; can communicate with databases. You should have complete control over your scripts and how they are executed. A CGI-based GUI on top of your automation scripts will only limit your abilities.




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